Marketplace on Flickr.

We visited the local Thai markets.. and damn we saw some weird things.

Budhism on Flickr.

Tuk Tuk on Flickr.

Here are two girls that I met on my travels in Thailand.

I’ve admittedly neglected my Tumblr.

Recently I haven’t uploaded any new projects or photos onto tumblr. I feel as if I’m slacking with my personal projects, this is due to work taking over. 

However, I have just came back from a month in Thailand and took a few snaps here and there. Over the course of the next few days I will share the ones that I’m relatively proud of.

Working Hard


Scrapped graphic


‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger

RTTV Sessions • The Ballroom (Birmingham) • 28 October 2012

Not travelling sucks.

Extended Weekend:
My weekend started on Thursday where I met an old Friend in Bath so we could see Daughter live. Visited the nicest tea room and had a nice dinner!
Friday I spent the afternoon in Bath with a friend from travelling and then went on to meeting my brother in Bristol for a few drinks and then to stay at his for the night.
Saturday I went to Leeds for an aussies birthday who I had met whilst travelling. We hit Leeds hard. I saw a guy being kicked in by a group of lads so I decided it was a good idea to get them off him. Definitely not a good idea. But they surprisingly did, I helped the guy up and got blood all over me, but that was my good deed for the say!
Back in Leicester now - such a boring city in comparison.