These are the kind of nights where I can happily just listen to Daughter with the rain pattering down on the window in the background.

Timelapsing for StarTech’s new building launch

Alien Isolation game launch. Had to film several interviews

Broadcasting a stream with Warner Brothers for their new game, Shadow of Mordor

I have done a lot of filming with work lately

I’m going to share some behind the scene shots.

Here’s what I got up to on my trip across Thailand


Boat on the Shore on Flickr.

The stunning Koh Tao

This video is coming together nicely despite the fact that I recorded everything handheld and without IS.

Palm Tree on Flickr.

I dislike this image but it’s appreciated by a few people

Views of Mango Bay on Flickr.

Koh Toa is a beautiful place - my friend said this photo reminded him of a ‘Kenco coffee advert’